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Coping With Anxiety

Update: 2022

What is Anxiety:  Is a natural and normal reaction everyone experiences from time to time. People feel anxiety in different situations. Sometimes anxiety, when not too intense, can be helpful, such as before taking a test or crossing a busy street. Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes.Anxiety becomes a problem when it stops people from living their lives the way they want to.

Coping Management Exercises

Find a quiet place and sit down. Look around you and notice:

  • 5 things you can see: Your hands, outside, pictures on your wall

  • 4 things you can physically feel: Your feet on the ground, a ball, the wind

  • 3 things you can hear: The wind blowing, cars passing, your breath

  • 2 things you can smell: food, coffee, fresh cut grass

  • 1 thing you can taste: Gum, the fresh air

Online Resources 

NIMH Anxiety Disorders 

Calm Clinic

Need Help Now? 

Update: March 2022

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Local: Dane County Crisis Line


Text Hopeline

text "hopeline" to 741741

National Drugs& Alcohol Hotline


National Domestic Violence Hotline


Local: Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) 608-251-4445

UNIDOS WI- La Red de Ayuda


Bullying & Depression Hotline


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